Every birth is important. No matter where it takes place, each is beautiful and deserving of love, respect and celebration. No matter how you birth your baby, every family can benefit from having a doula present throughout labor and delivery to provide information, resources, love, and support . I want to be there to help you achieve the birth you envision for you and your baby. 

 I believe that the world needs love and a bright future and that there is no better place to start then with birth. I want to provide a safe, informed, loving, and nurturing space for both mother and baby. Well cared for, happy mothers make happy babies and happy babies make happy adults who create a better world to live in. I also believe so strongly in the importance of women supporting women. Especially in such a profound time of vulnerability and transformation where when given the chance can harness so much of their power. I have always felt strongly about the process of birth. Witnessing the pregnancies of my mother and aunts and the  birth of cousins and siblings growing up initiated this passion and I went on to pursue this calling professionally in March of 2017 training in Sacramento through DONA International to become a birth doula and continued my education to help provide breastfeeding and postpartum support. Becoming a mother myself in October of 2017 shed an entirely new light on the importance of pregnancy and birth education, making thoughtful and informed choices, and the community that mothers need as they enter into this chapter of their lives.

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