Hi, my name is Chlo'e. I was born and raised in Sonoma County, where I eventually met my husband David and we moved to Sacramento in  2012 and welcomed our son into the world in October of  2017. Some of the things we love are music, to travel, cook, and spend time in nature. Our family currently resides in midtown along with our two cats. We love our community and I greatly look forward to contributing to it's vitality through birth work. 

I have always had a strong interest around pregnancy and birth beginning with being present for those of my mother and aunts. I feel passionate about women's reproductive rights, a woman's ability to manage her pregnancy and birth her baby in the manner she chooses, leaning upon her intuition, seeking education and receiving support from the women in her life. Connection to women has always been very important to me. I've always had a need for sisterhood and see the necessity for women supporting one another. 

I professionally pursued birth work in March of 2017 receiving my Childbirth Doula training through DONA international. I also received training in breastfeeding support through Sierra Childbirth Institute. Following my training, as I went through my own pregnancy and birth I learned the importance of educating oneself when it comes to knowing your options, learning about and trusting in your body and mind, and building a team that supports the birth you desire. 

The birth of your baby is an experience that you will remember forever. I look forward to holding space for that occasion, offering skills that will lead to a calm, informed, positive and rewarding experience.