Birth Doula Package $1,100

​As your doula I include up to two prenatal visits for up to two hours where we can establish your birth plan as well as write it together, and build a foundation for our relationship. I can provide informational and emotional support. I can help you with reading resource material as well as community resources you may have an interest or need for throughout your pregnancy. I will be available for 24/7 text, call or email support to answer any questions or talk about concerns you may have.

I will be on call for two week's prior to your due date and two weeks after. I will provide physical and emotional support throughout your labor and birth and up to one hour after birth to check in, help where needed, establish breastfeeding, ensure your and your babies needs and wishes are met in immediate postpartum, and talk about your birth experience. 

I include one postpartum visit in my birth doula package. I preferably come in the week following birth with a nourishing meal and or lactation support cookies and in that visit we do any number of things that you may want or need ranging from discussing your birth to process the experience, I can assist with breastfeeding, help you to get your breast pump set up, go over newborn care tips or help you around the house to feel more settled. 

Postpartum Support and Services - $30 per hour (minimum of 3 hours)

​Not all new mothers have nearby family or partners who can take time off to help in this time of vital healing and restoration. It is essential that a woman take time to establish a bond and breastfeeding with her newborn as well as honor and nurture her mind, body and spirit that has just performed this great task. There is no time limit on when postpartum ends as it is different for everyone. To make this transition feel lighter, and more graceful I am available for help by the hour to assist in continued breastfeeding support, newborn care, light cleaning, cooking, or running errands. I understand the feeling of being between two worlds in this time, honoring the past and welcoming the future. It takes time to settle in and I would be honored to provide for you in that time whether it be to get a moment alone, offer loving reassurance or patient guidance as your family grows.

Placenta encapsulation - $250

($200 for birth doula clients)